Ulangan Harian semester ganjil bahasaa Inggris SMK kelas XI

Ulangan Harian Semester Ganjil

  Make the sentence of offering something by using:

a.       May I ..:

b.      Would you ...:

2.      Fill in the blanks by using opinions ( agree or disagree ).

a.       I ... with you bullying should be banned

b.      I ... that medical care should be free for everyone.

3.      Give the opinion according the situation below!

Smoking should be banned in public place.

4.      According to the story of the Enchanted fish?. Who are the character of the story?

5.      What lesson did you learn from the story of the Enchanted fish are ...

6.      Make the expression of suggestion by using :

a.       Let’s :

b.      How about :

7.      What is the meaning of:

a.       Sparkling;

b.      Nasty ;

8.      Give me your suggestion for our school !

9.      Translate into Indonesian the text below!

So next time if you see someone getting bullied, would you try to stop it or let it happen?. Remember, bullying is everyone’s problem. Therefore everyone has to be the part of the solution.

10.  Respond to the suggestions and offers  given below!

a.       Shall I bring a book to read?

b.      Why don’t you go and get something to eat?


pic from Shan we heat it


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