Ulangan Harian Semester Ganjil Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas X

Ulangan Harian Semester Ganjil Bahasa Inggris SMK Kelas X

Let me introduce my aunt. Her name is Mrs. Novia. She is a doctor. She has a sharp nose, straight hair, and creamy yellow skin. She is tall and slim. She is about 170 cm. Her weight is about fifty six kilograms. Mrs. Novia works in a big hospital near ner her town. She starts working at seven ‘oclock in the morning until four at noon.

Everyone likes Her. She always smiles in treating her patients or to others she knows. On Saturday and Sunday, she stays home and spends her time for reactions.

1.      Answer the question according to the thext above !

a.       How is mrs. Novia characteristics?

b.      How long mrs. Novia works a day?

2.      Your friend win in speech contest. Please give him  the congratulating!.

3.      Your friend wear a beautiful dress .please give her the complement.

4.      Fill in the blank with the right works.

a.       ... ( we/ our/ ours/ us ) can climb Bromo mountain together.

b.      Let’s visit ... ( him/ his/ he ).

5.      Fill in the blank with the right words.

a.       As the hobbies, we are really into sport and music. So we can share ... ( we/ our/ ours/ us ) experience about football player and songs.

b.      My friends and I often spend long holiday in our hometowns ... ( they/ their/ theirs/ them ) keep in touch via E-mail and whatsapp.

6.      Give the responsd for the expression below!

a.       Congratulation, bella you got drivers license.

b.      What’s a beautiful new bag.

7.      Answer the question below!

a.       What the meaning of congratulating is ?

b.      What’s the purpose of giving congratulating?

8.      Write tehe meaning of the words below!

a.       Magnificient :

b.      Mother tongue:

9.      Make the sentence by using :

a.       me :

b.      his:

10.   translete into indonesian of the tezt below!


Compliment is expression to appreciate or prise other people. Complement is useful to give encouragement so that people will keep on doing their best and even improve their performance.

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