Lern English : Asking someone's Job and educational Background

Asking one’s Job and Educational background

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1.      Job Description

a.      Asking about one’s job description

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Here is the table describcribing how to ask about someone job in polite manner.



Could you tell me what your duties are?

What are your duties?

I would like to know whether you know about your responsibility?

What is your responsibility?

Can you tell me what your task is?

What is your task?

I would like to know about what you have to do?

What do you have to do?

b.      Telling about one’s job description

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-          I receive guests and in coming phone calls.

-          A Profficier is responsible for building a good relationship.

-          My duties are to offer the menu and to take orders.

-          My task is to repair the car’s engineer.

-          I have to make financial reports

2.      Education background

a.      Asking about one’s educational background

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Could you tell me a little about your educational background?

What is youreducational background?

Where did you graduate from?

What is your major?

I would like to know about your major?

Where do you study?

I would like to know where you study?


b.      Telling about one’s educational bckground

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-          I graduated from a secreatarial college.

-          I have a degre in technical engineering.

-          I majored in accounting.

-          My major is nurse


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