Learn English : Introducing Oneself


Memperkenalkan diri sendiri

Ø  When we will introduce oneself , we can use the expression:

Ketika kita memperkenalkan diri, kita bisa menggunakan ekspresi sebagai berikut:

-          Hello, my name is ...

-          May I introduce myself , my name is ...

-          I would like introduce myself, my name is ...

-          Let’s me introduce myself. My name is ...

-          My full name is ...

-          My nice name is ...

-          You can call me ...

-          Good morning, I am ...

-          First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is ...

-          Allow me to introduce my self, my name is ...


-          Hi, I am Aulia, glad to meet you.

-          Hello, my name is shella, please to meet you.

-          Good morning. I am Deny . how do you do?

-          How do you do?. My name is paul.

Before we make arrange introducing oneself text, let’s fill your identify below:

1.      Name:

2.      Place, date of birth:

3.      Age:

4.      Gender :

5.      Address:

6.      Graduated from:

7.      Hobbies:

8.      Your father’s job:

9.      Your mother’s job:

Let’s see the example of introducing oneself text

Contoh teks memperkenalkan diri sendiri.



Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb. Good morning all, let’s me introduce my self name is Fahmi akbar Ibrahim. You can call me Fahmi. I was born in karawang, on 21 april 2004. So I am 16 years old. I live in perum regency cikampek. I graduated from SMP N 1 cikampek. I am the second child in my family and I have 3 siblings, one elder brother and two younger sisters. My father is police and my mother is housewife. I love reading , swimming and watching movies. My favorite movies is action movies .

Thank you for your attention wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb

Lets  practice  to talking about oneself.

1.      Assalamu ‘alaikum wr.wb

2.      Good morning friends.

3.      The expression of introducing oneself such us :

Let’s me introduce myself my name is...../

Allow me introduce myself, my name is...


4.      I was born in....( place of birth ), on ... ( date of bith )...

5.      So I am ...( your age )

6.      I live in .... ( your address )

7.      I graduated from ... ( your last school )

8.      My hobby are .... / I love .... / i am good in ...( tell your hobby or interest )

9.      I am .... Child in my family ( anak ke keberapa ), I Have .... siblings. , ( tell about your family )

10.  My father is ... and my mother is ... ( tell about your parents )

I really love my family. I think that’s all about me. Tahnk you for your attention. Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb


Nah, setelah kamu memahami dan mengikuti langkah langkah tersebut, maka kamu bisa mempraktekannya didepan kelas dengan lebih percaya diri .

Selamat mencoba dan terima kasih atas kunjungannya .

See u next time.


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