Learn English : Giving Compliment



Do you like to give your friend compliment?

Let’s talk about about how might give compliment in English.

Complimenting is an expression to appreciate or praise other people. Compliment is useful to give encouragement so that people will keep on doing their best and even improve their performance.

When to express compliment:

Ø  On daily basis.

Ø  When someone has done his/ her best.

Ø  When you visit someone’s house for the first time.

Ø  If you notice something new about someone’s appearance.

Can you think of other situations when you need to compliment?

Make the expression of compliments.

Pujian adalah ekspresi untuk menghargai atau memuji orang lain. Pujian bermanfa’at untuk memberikan semangat sehingga orang akan terus  melakukan yang terbaik dan bahkan meningkatkan kinerja mereka .

Kapan kita melakukan pujian:

Ø  Pada kegiatan sehari- hari.

Ø  Ketika seseorang telah melakukan hal yang terbaik.

Ø  Ketika kalian mengunjungi rumah seseorang untuk pertama kalinya.

Ø  Jika kalian melihat sesuatu yang baru dari penampilan seseorang.

How to give someone compliment ?

We can make compliment by expression below

·         You  ( noun  phrase )look/ to be .... ( adjective ) today

Example : you look nice today

                 You are so beautiful

Dialog 1

“ you look gorgeous!”

“it’s very kind of you say that”.

·         I  (really) love/ like your ...( noun/ stuff )

Example : I really love your haircut

                 I like your hair

I love your new shoes

·         You are ... ( adjective ) pianist

Example : you are incredible pianist

This is ... ( adjective ) + noun

Example : this is amazing food

·         Nice + noun

Example : nice bag!

                 Nice watch!

                 Nice shoes!

                 Nice view!

Lily : Nice shoes , kattie! .

Ketty : do you like them?. I’ve got pair in pink as well.

·         This /that + noun phrase + is/ looks + ( really )+ adjective

Example: this cake is really tasty

That dress look really elegant.

Dialog 1

 Alisha :  Emily , that T- thirst looks perfect

Emily : Oh, thanks Alisha , its brand new

Dialog 2

This food is absolutely delicius , can I have the recipe?.

Oh, thanks , ofcourse yes

·         What + adjective ( great/ nice/ good/ amamzing etc ) + a noun

Example : what’s a comfortable home.

                 What’s a great painting

What’s great bike



Dialog 1

“What a wonderful performance”.

“Thank you very much”

Dialog 2

“ What a nice dress!”

“ thank you “

Note :

After we give compliment, look better we ask question.

Example: I really love your shoes, where did you get them?



I am glad you like it

Thanks for noticing

Thanks it was on sale.

Thank you so much I got it in  a sale

Oh, thanks kattie, its brand new.

Thank you very much

Thanks, guy!

Nah, after we learn about giving someone compliment. Let’s do practice in the situations below:

1.      You see your friend with his new haircut.

2.      Your brother drives very well

3.      You come to your friend’s home at the first time.

4.      You see your fried wear a new necklace

5.      You see  a view of mountains.


Nah, sekarang kalian sudah memahami materi tentang giving compliment. Sampai jumpa pada pertemuan berikutnya. Have great day.

See you. 


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