Learn English : Announcement

Announcement text is an official notification about something which contains information ( facts, events, and intentions ) presented to public . Announcement can be written or spoken. The purpose of an announcement is to give information of something to certain people or public.
Generic Structure of announcements
1.      Title
It introduce the announcement and tells the purpose of the announcement.
2.      Day date, tie, and place. It tells when and where the announcement is published, and when and where the event will be held.
3.      3. Sender
It contains the information of the the sender such as contact information or email.
Tips  to make an Announcement
1.      Be straightforward and brief
Make your announcement in a straight forward and in a concise way, so the readers can get the information quickly.
2.      Keep it short
If you want to make a positive announcements of the others and if you write appropriately, you can motivate others to achieve the same objectives.
3.      Write to avoid question later
Make the information in your announcement clear and complete, so you ae not asked with questions later.
4.      Avoid nonsense
If you are announcing bad news, make a direct , no – non senses statement. Your tone should be considerate and respectful.

Example of announcement.
English ConversationClub ( ECC )
Is opening registration for new members
Join us and improve your english
Every Thursday from 04:00 – 05: 00 p.m
For registration, please contact
Mr. Rahadi
Mr. Shelby
1.      What kind of the text?
2.      What’s the purpose of the text ?
3.      Join us and improve your English. What is the synonym of the Italized word?
4.      Who are Mr. Rahadi and Miss shelby?
5.      What do you think of the text?
This Friday, June 12, is the registration  deadline for the next semester. Complete your registration in the administrative office on the first floor between 08:30 am and 2 pm. Payment must be made at the time of registration, so bring your credit card, a money order or cash with you. personal checks will not be accepted. No late exceptions. Classes begin on Monday, June 15
1.      When is the registration deadline?
2.      Where should you complete your registration?
3.      What should you bring to make the payment?
4.      Will personal checks be accepted in making the payment?
5.      When does the class begin? 
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