latihan soal personal letter

Task 1

Look at the expressions and match them with the purpose of the letter . the first one has been done for you.



1.       I am really happy to tell it to you  (   )

a.       To apologize

2.        thank you so much   (   )

b.       to ask for reply

3.       Did you know …. (   )

c.       To ask a favor

4.       I am so sorry  (   )

d.       closing

5.       I will be waiting for your letter early (   )

e.       To give a advice

6.       Can I ask you for this favor (   )

f.        To give a bad news

7.       Love always (   )

g.       Changing topic

8.       I think you should think it over before. (  )

h.       To share some information

9.       I am so sorry but I have to tell you (   )

i.         To thank the person

10.   That remind me of … (   )

j.         To share a good news


Read the following letter and write T if the statement are true and F if the statements are false based on the letter. Do it with your friend!

129 June Lane

Sayville Maryland 21092

August 12, 2020

Sweet Joanna,

                I am so excited you are coming to visit! . we can swim in the pool. Take Merrick Road north, then turn right on planet road. Look for school building. Turn on Elm Avenue and go over  the bridge. Next, turn on June Lane and go two miles. Look for the apartment buildings at the park.

                I live in building D. it’s the fourth building, the closest to the pool. I’ll be there !

Wishing you well,



1.       Joanna wants to swim in the pool with Elisa (   )

2.       Elisa is Joana’s neighbor (   )

3.       Joanna and Elisa go to a park (   )

4.       Joanna lives in building D (   )

5.       Joanna visit Elisa ( )

6.       Elisa want to visit her sister (  )

7.       Building D is fourth building (  )

8.       Building D is the closest to the pool (  )

9.       Elisa is excited that Joanna is coming to visit her (  )

10.   Elisa’s apartment is located at June Lane (   )

Task 3

Complete the table based on the information in the letter above. Do it with your group!

Task 4

Jl. Flamboyant no.20

West Jakarta 17843

….. 1

Hello Dewi,

… 2 . it is been longtime since I’ve been heard from you. I hope you will be fine and enjoying …3. How is your study going at Gajah Mada University?

                I’m … 4. And my study in Jakarta is going well too. I’m going to well too. I am very excited to tell you about … 5 at the university of Indonesia . I love studying … 6 here. I ‘ve experienced great lectures from great professor that help me to improve my knowledge and … 7. By the way, there was a bazar held here a few days ago. I found Arabian cuisine, such as wheat , rice , lamb, and many more. I tried eating … 8 together.

                Hopefully you will read and replay my letter as soon as possible. Don’t forget to tell me about your activities in Yogyakarta. I really miss you. I am thinking of visiting you on … 9



a.       How are you                       e. good health                              i. your vocation

b.       Love                                      f. August 16st, 2020                        j. skills

c.       The foods                              g. doing good

d.       My study                                 h. EnglishTask 5

Answer the questions based on the letter above !

1.       Who is Winda?

2.       What does the letter tell about ?

3.       When did Wanda write the letter?

4.       What is the summary of the letter?

5.       What is the closing of the letter?


Task 6

 Writing connection

Write a letter to your friend telling her/ him all about your daily activities in this pandemic . Use the proper letter- writing format you have learnt in the building blocks.

writer’s address

















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