latihan soal complement

Task 1

Work in pairs. Arrange the following jumble sentences to form a meaningful dialogue !


Give number

Ferdy : “ you look nice with that expensive  T- shirt “


Helen : “ she bought it in Singapore last week“.


Ferdy : “ that’s a cute T- shirt, Helen “.


Helen : “ Thank you. It is a birthday present from my mother”.


Ferdy : “ where did you your mother buy it ? “


Helen : “ thanks, but this is not really expensive actually “.


Task 2

Compliment that you could say back to each these people. Do it with a friend!.

1. Your grandmother Says: …

"You are nice"

response is Thanks, you are very good cook, Grandma

2. your teacher says ...

"It’s nice having you in my class"

your says back : " thanks, ...."

3. Your mother says : " you look nice today “

your says back : " thank, ... "

Task 3

Complete the blank in the following dialogs using the words below!

I see                                                              so beautiful

Where did you buy it

Oh, thank you

A small boutique

Grace                : “ your dress is … (1), clara

Clara                : “ …. ( 2 )

Grace                : “ Can you tell me … ( 3) ?. I have been trying to look for the dress for a long time “.

Clara                : “ it’s from … ( 4 ) at the new department store”.

Grace                : “ oh, …

task 4

What do you say if you are see in the following situations?

1.      Your sister looks beautiful with her new hairstyle. It suits her.

2.      Your mother wears a beautiful dress today. You get it.

3.      Your friend did a good job at the modeling contest . give her a compliment.

4.      Your father buys you flowers. You love them.

5.      Your  aunt sings your favorite song well. You love it.

6.      Your brother is the first rank in the class. Give him a compliment.

7.      Your friends compliment you because you can answer difficult questions in the class. you reply to them.

8.      Your brother loves your painting. You respond to his compliment.

9.      Your mom make a delicious cake. Your mom will respond to your complement

10.  Your friend like your article that your share on your personal blog . you respond to him

Task 5

Work in pairs . compose your own conversation about giving compliments on your own paper.



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