latihan soal aplication letter

Task 1

Look at the following application letter , then write  the structure of the personal Text !


July, 9 2020


RE : Public Relation Manager Employment Opportunity


Dear Mr. Jones,

                I am interested in the public relations manager position posted on jobboard.com. please review the attached resume, which highlights the skills and accomplishment that will enable me to contribute to your team. During my seven years in the event planning position, I have demonstrated leadership in training, voluntary services, and marketing/ public relations, and would appreciate the chance to meet with you to discuss employment opportunities.

                Throughout my tenure at lake city media marketers, I had frequently put my coordination and time management skills to use in planning large media friendly events. I enjoy the challenges involve in my work, and applying my abilities to real world situations.

                Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications, I will call you next Thursday to see if you will be available to talk further. I would appreciate the opportunity to interview and answer any questions might have.



Yours sincerely, 


Jane Johnson    








Body of letter






Task 2


Reyna Elena, RN

88 nowhere Fdrive, Mckinley park, T

Telp.456- 5678,  ( 917 ) 717 – 0855; Email: Relena @yahoo.com

January 7, 2020

Dr. Malen Chuvaness

The Kingkay Medical Cantre

777 Kotsengkuba Avenue

Puseng Maginda City

Dear Dr. Chuvaness


                I am a BS Nursing graduate of Blue Panjeet University , class of 2008. I have also just recently passed the Nursing Examination in 2008.

                I am sending this letter in responses to your wanted advertisement for a nurse trainee, which I saw on the window of the Kengkay Medical Centre’s Human Resource office. It is by this letter that I would like to apply as a nursing trainee.

I would appreciate hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Reyna Elena, RN

Name education




Applying for


Address of the company


Address of the applicant



Task 3

Work in pairs. Fill in the blanks of the application letter below!

Dear Sir/ Mam

I … writing this letter … apply for …

 Position of student assistant that I saw advertised in your website real education. I … really interested … working … the teacher’s resource library. I think I am a perfect fit for the job as will see.

I … recently graduated from …  business school … Warshaw , Furthermore, I have received high grades … both my English and Spanish ,     …  we had … use all of … Microsoft programmers in … preparation of all our assignment. So   I … able … do most things with computers.

Secondly, since I was fifteen years old, I have helped my father … run his small import – export business. I have been involved … helping … a lot of clients and my father was really satisfied with me. In the … two years. I … worked in the WBS library, helping teachers … students … find the books and recourses they wanted. Therefore, this job experience has given me the ability … deal with the needs of different types of people. What I like … most about my current job is that it gives me the opportunity to learn and be creative, and it looks like this position will do the same.

Thank you in advance … considering my application. I am looking for word to …from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Marry Travlantoni.

Task 4

Search application letter from internet or newspaper

Task 5

Make your own  application letter





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